Veterans For Peace condemns the illegal U.S. attack in Syria. We call on the Trump Administration to immediately end all military actions in Syria and to begin intense U.S. diplomatic efforts to end conflict in the region. We call on our members and all who want an end to U.S. wars to contact the President and Congress, to meet and talk with others about peaceful means to end the war in Syria and to hit the streets to make our resistance to war visible.

The administration’s actions, in the absence of a cogent policy, suggest that the method of killing is a critical trigger for military response. The numerous changes of position . are troubling and betray a value-free “make it up as we go along” approach.

Do the dead really care whether they were killed by a barrel bomb, gas attack or air strike? Perhaps gas attacks cause slower and more gruesome deaths, but when we get all exercised about gas attacks, we normalize deaths caused by small arms fire or mortar fire or bombing raids to be within acceptable parameters.

We at Veterans For Peace Evansville think we all should commit ourselves to a mindset that says any attack designed to kill people—no matter who initiates it--is a violation of human rights and must be condemned. We need to embrace the concept that peace is possible!

I’m Gary May and that’s what I think.

Christopher Simon