Pasta For Peace Auction — Brand New items

Here are a few of the fine items we will be auctioning off…

First Row (Left to Right):

  1. Fire HD 10 Tablet with Alexa Hands-Free, 10.1" 1080p Full HD Display, 32 GB

  2. Coby digital bathroom scale

  3. Comfort Zone 16 in oscillating pedestal fan

  4. Impress 1500 w ceramic space heater

  5. Old Mountain 6 in cast iron skillet

  6. Old Mountain 7.5 in cast iron bacon press

  7. Old Mountain 10 in cast iron skillet

  8. Old Mountain 10 in square cast iron skillet

Second Row:

  1. Baseball signed by Al Hrobosky (the mad Hungarian)

  2. 1966 era photo of Evansville College greats Larry Humes, legendary coach Arad McCutchan, and hall of famer Jerry Sloan signed by Jerry Sloan

  3. M*A*S*H script written by and signed by Mike Farrell (B J  Hunnicut)

  4. Autographed photo of Don Knotts(front and back)

  5. Signed poster and photo of World Heavyweight Champ Floyd Patterson

  6. Tsovet model SVT-FW44 wristwatch

  7. Basket of fun stuff with Girl Scout Cookies

Third Row:

  1. Autographed photo Max Cleland

  2. Yuengling golf bag

  3. Basket of fine products from 6th Street Soapery

  4. Batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies

  5. Wine Basket

  6. Otters Shirt and Tickets Gift Package

  7. $50 AMC card + 5 AMC Passes