Proof that US militarism knows no bounds in maintaining its stranglehold on America’s youth, conducted its second annual recruitment scheme in Ohio’s public schools. The effort reportedly netted 250 teens who pledged—and apparently enlisted—to join the armed forces upon their high school graduation.

The scheme included live militaristic music, propaganda from military veterans, tearful supporters and tremendous peer pressure to join. A young black female testified that she enlisted and was looking forward to “…learning new things…” I wonder if anyone told her that she’ll experience tremendous exposure to sexual abuse, general misogyny, belittling, and a risk of being killed. Another white male teen enlisted in the USMC and looks forward to sniper school. He was probably not told that there are few civilian job opportunities for snipers. His tearful mom caps this vignette by saying she’s “very proud” of her son, apparently oblivious to the fact that he’s about to be trained as a killer.

The chatty, toothy presentation by the local ABC station news anchors validates the implicit and explicit acceptance of this exploitation. They probably don’t see any parallels between this kidnapping and border agents’ ripping young children from the arms of their parents. Both are shameful and driven by heuristic tripe.

The fires of militarism will burn forever unless we stop the human fuel that stokes their furnaces.

Here’s the local media coverage of the kidnapping.

Gary MayComment