It’ll come as a surprise to no one that John Bolton, the mis cast National Security Advisor to Trump and proponent of every glimmer of war for decades is now building a phony case against Iran to justify his desire to go to war. Trump, for his part, is in desperate need for a distraction as he faces a stock market collapse, failed trade negotiations with China—which fuels the stock market collapse—lingering widespread legal issues, an increasingly woke and aggressive US House, and intra-party rumblings of dissent.

This administration continues to be out of control and poses a real threat to our national security and our government institutions. Thankfully, Trump won’t be in the Oval Office forever, but the damage he’s done to environmental policies, civil rights, comity, and bedrock institutions will outlast his tenure by decades. Add to all that the deleterious impact of yet another unnecessary war. It’s a sad time in our history!

The New York Times broke the story tonight. Read it here.

Gary MayComment